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About Makeup Artist Pro Group

I came into the world of professional makeup rather late into the stages of my life, and even later into professional skin care.  It all begun because I was bored and as an empty-nester, I just wanted to do something fun. 

I wanted to do something that I liked, something that allows me to stay connected to people, and something that was a new challenge in terms of skills and knowledge.

I will admit that I seriously underestimated this whole thing, and it turned out to be way bigger of a challenge than I bargained for.  But while I whined about how hard this was, I simply could not stop wanting to learn more.  I went and graduated from professional makeup artistry school in 2013 and then went on to put the skill set to work for several lines at major retailers for their special events, then begun to work a lot in the wedding industry.

Around 2015, I begun to recruit and train other Makeup Artists because I had more work than I could do on my own and so Makeup Artist Pro Group grew and eventually expanded into skin care services as well.

These days I work directly with clients primarily doing makeup classes and skin care services, and training as well as supervising my team of makeup artists to deliver my standards of professional makeup artistry, which are high.

From the types and brands of products that we use, to ensuring that we protect your skin during application you can depend on us to deliver without the typical retail store's pressure to sell you products.

I am a baby boomer, a mother, a grandmother, a pet lover, a plant multiplier, a businesswoman, a good friend, a thinker, a creative, and a woman of purpose.

It does not matter how old you are or how much, or how little you know about makeup.  

I am here to support you in always walking out of our Frederick, MD studio feeling glad that you came.

I am Maria, The Lioness.

Maria, owner of the business
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